Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chetana-A Terrific Place for Rajasthani Food

Last Tuesday,I had a customer visiting me from Delhi and I was taking him out for lunch. He is a vegetarian and that made things a bit simpler for me.My requirements were:-a) good ambience,b) courteous waiters,c) quick service ,d) tasty food,e) short distance from my office at Ballard Pier and finally f) not too heavy on the purse.I could think of only two restaurants which could fill the bill.One is Chetana at Kala Ghoda near Regal Cinema and the other near Bombay Hospital- Panchavati Vaibhav.

The whole process was over in about 45 minutes.5 minutes drive,30 minutes at the airconditioned comfort of Chetana,5 minutes with the paanwallah and another 5 minutes for getting back to the office.

What did we get to eat and drink? Jal Jeera/lassi,bhaakri,gehoon ki roti, jawar roti,kachoris,tikka,dal,kadi,gata,bhendi subzi,gawar ki subzi,khicdi,rice and gulabjamun and basundi followed by icecream.The taste of the food was par excellence and my guest was overtaken by the enormity of the delicious and authentic Rajasthani food.

Chetana is one of our preferred eatout places.We live within 5 minutes of driving distance which is a big advantage.S doesn't like to have garlic in the food and one can exercise that option.It cost us Rs 250/head.Certainly not a princely sum.
The finale of course had to be the beeline to the omnipresent paanwallah.He made delectable Kolkata meetha paans which we enjoyed.Rs 6 per paan wasn't expensive.

I took some pictures which I will share with you all.


rums said...

i love the food at chetna, i always over eat there. do they still have that ethnic store adjacent to the food place uncle?
i also like rajdhani at crawford market, i used to go there often while working at the economic times.

gs said...

yes rums,they have the ethnic store as well as the bookshop having a wide range of books on religion and spirituality.we have been to rajdhani at crawford market and loved the food that they served.

Anonymous said...

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