Monday, November 07, 2005

All Good Things Must Come To An End

How true the above adage is! It was a dream run. From the time,I decided to change my plan and go to New York to spend four days with H and L. I had to redo my ticketing and the more difficult part I decided to do first.i.e.London-Mumbai. It had to be Lufthansa as I had already paid for my return. Eventually I got the confirmation for London-Ffurt-Chennai-Mumbai .And what I thought was the easier part,London-NY turned out to be very very tough.It was sheer luck that I met a good samaritan on the Munich-London flight who helped to get me a ticket on London-NY and NY-London return.

I got 4 full days to spend in NY,2 of them falling on the weekend. I had a fantastic time and the last day was the best of all. L decided to take a day off and to help me finish the last minute shopping.We went to Barnes and Noble bookshop and I spent more than one hour soaking myself in the latest books that were on display.I picked up 'Healthy Aging' by Dr. Andrew Weil, post 9/11 by Naom Chomsky,Kevin Trudeau's 'Natural cures they don't want you to know about'and 'Critical Condition' by Barlette and Steele. We then went to 'Bath and Beyond' and bought some exotic items for our bathrooms.We were by then feeling a little hungry and L suggested that we go to 'Chennai Garden' for lunch. We had a south indian thali for 5.95 $.Unbelievable price.Incredible food.Cooks from Coimbatore,Madurai and Chennai.We tasted the real stuff.

And then it was time to get back to 777 and rest for a while before making it to Broadway to watch the show 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' at the Imperial Theater'.We walked through Broadway before reaching the Imperial Theatre.The flashing neon lights and the impressive buildings made a heady scene.There were tourists all over and pictures were being taken galore. L managed to get three tickets for 76$ a piece and the seats were superb.The play was hilarious and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.The settings were eyepopping.The background music was live and the whole band was right in front of the stage.It was an unforgettable experiencce.We took the subway and returned home.

I had just 4 hours of sleep after enjoying a delicious dinner prepared by L .It was time to get up and go.Say goodbye to H and L who made my stay so very comfortable and enjoyable.It was hard to leave them and come away but then knowing that L will be back in India a month hence gave me the courage to face the parting stoically .It was a wise decision to take this short holiday in New York. H and L will be relocating to London sometime in end December.