Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Second Day In New York

Yesterday was my second day in New York.Being a Sunday, the morning activities started at a slow pace.The previous night's party at 'Babu' appeared to still have its impact on us and it took some time before all of us could shrug off the inertia and get cracking.
L and I decided to go for a long walk to get into shape.H preferred to sleep for some more time.L&H had called a few dear friends home in the evening for drinks and for meeting 'Appa'.L wanted to make some purchases from the vegetable market at Chelsea and we therefore decided to kill two birds with one stone. Unlike Saturday,Sunday was sunny though a strong and cold wind continued to blow.We passed by the Madison Square garden and did some shopping at the vegetable market at Chelsea. Later we came to the Whole Foods shopping mall and admired the wide variety of vegetables,fruits,milk products and even Indian cooked food set up for sale.We bought some bread,jam,and fruits and decided to return home.

Around lunch time we walked to Columbus circle and visited the Time Warner Building.

A very imposing building of modern architecture.We had lunch at Whole Foods
there and visited the Samsung showroom where they were giving demos of their latest tv and mobile products.After that,we went to Central Park.A huge lung space in the heart of the city having a length of about 8 miles.I was surprised to find horse drawn carriages and cycle rickshaws ready to take the tourists through a guided tour of the park.We engaged a Turkey rickshaw driver and all the three of us got into it and had a quick ride through a part of Central park.

All of us were quite tired after lunch and the rickshaw ride and we decided to call it a day and took the subway back home.L had to make preparations for the evening cocktails and H had some office work to complete.I decided to take a siesta.

Around 8.30 pm the friends started coming and we had a hilarious time.Being close friends of L and H,there was lot of camaderie and bonhomie and light hearted banter.Everyone wanted to drink sparkling wine and with some delectable snacks that L had prepared,the party went on till rather late in the night.

My second day in NY was getting over and the countdown had started which gave me a bit of a sinking feeling.Too short a trip,I thought.At the same time, I felt lucky that I was able to spend some quality time with H and L.There are two more days and I will make the most of it.