Wednesday, August 03, 2005

They just love their morning walk. Posted by Picasa
They are very intelligent and smart.When I am up in the morning and getting ready to take them out,they have already sensed it.And if there is some delay,they ask me "What's up,why the holdup".Today,it rained quite heavily in the morning.I decided to take them separately.Mango was taken to the Oval Maidan.He absolutely enjoys it.It is 20 minutes of paradise for him.He eases himself,then starts smelling grass,bushes,trees,cricket nets,what have you and chases the crows if any.Jumps into small cesspools of water and has great fun.Cherry had gone through a surgery.So I had to be extra careful.I took her separately on the nicely paved footpath leading to HLL,ICICI,etc.The road wore a clean look;freshly washed by the rains,no hawkers to litter the place,absence of cars and people.It was a calm and serene setting which Cherry loves.