Friday, August 12, 2005

Hotel Shreyas-Pune

That is a hotel cum vegetarian restaurant in Pune. Posted by PicasaI went to Pune on official work and decided to stay overnight.I prefer to stay at clubs ,if possible, for 2 reasons.They provide you with the basic comforts and don't fleece you like the 5 stars.My colleague suggested that we try this restaurant started in the 30s by the Chitale family and famous for its vegetarian fare.The food was ethnic with a dash of gujerati stuff like dokla and patra but then I was told that it is also a part of maharashtrian cuisine.The tali peet-a chappati made out of the flour of all dals was gorgeous.And there was a continuous supply of rotis,bhakris,tali peet and puris with mirchis, followed by rice and kadi and dal.The dessert particularly puran poli was outstanding.
The ambience was good,and the bill for 2 persons came to a little less than 200 bucks.They only serve meals,twice a day.Period.And the clientale is awesome.