Monday, December 13, 2004

Mumbai's newest hotspot

Situated at Nariman point and just 5 mintes'walk from our house opposite the oval-maidan, this new mutilplex has great appeal for me.It has all the four rolled in one;food,shopping,entertainment and car parking and all under one roof.Stylishly named, the CR2 INOX is a worldclass mall.The architecture is pleasing to the eyes,the decor inside is superb and there are conveniences galore.
It is spread over 75000 square feet and has a 8 storeyed car parking.The food court is likely to have muti-cuisine joints.There are 5 cinema halls having a total capacity of 1350.The last show is at 11.45pm. There are escalators for moving from one storey to another.The air conditioning and housekeeping is superb.
After having sung hosanas to Inox,you might ask whether there is any downside.Bit heavy on the purse.For example,each cinema ticket in the upper stalls costs 200 bucks.And the parking fees for about 3 hours comes to nearly 90 bucks.During daytime,traffic congestion could be a problem on weekdays.Also the decibels emanating from the sound system could send you rushing to an ent specialist.So if you take your family along,and do all the four,it may take a heavy toll on your wallet.Inspite of getting cash back on credit cards(a new gimmick started by the service providers).
It is still an experience one must go through.For us it is the proximity, and the tremendous saving of time.The latest movies get shown here.We watched Veer-Zarra and Vanity Fair during the last fortnight and enjoyed them.If you are in this side of the city and want to unwind, give it a try.
I have taken some pictures.I can email them to those who are interested.