Sunday, December 12, 2004


I was very impressed with the latest billboard ad of Amul which I saw a few days ago.There was this mother standing in between her two sons flanked on either side.One is suited and booted while the other is in a neta's dress.She is holding a plate with bread on it.The caption reads-"Share the bread equally".And the bottom of the ad reads "Amul,Rely on it".
No wonder that Amul has entered the Guiness Book of World Records with its billboard advertising commenting on the breaking news of the day.In the old days prior to nationalisation of aviation,it was Kooka of Air India who was famous for such brilliant billboard advertisements.Then Amul took over and has been continuously doing a splendid job since then.
Imitation is the best form of flattery ,it is said.And TOI decided to do it openly,unabashedly and with Amul as inspiration.While the first page of today's Bombay Times carried the ad about which I mentioned,the third page carried a quarter page ad with the brothers shaking hands,the tagline reading "Share the newspaper equally!" and signing off as "The Times of India,Rely on it".
An utterly butterly spoof.