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B V GOKHALE is a graduate engineer and a post-graduate from IIT, Mumbai. He showed promise for writing in his youth when he wrote a book in Marathi on the game of chess. He has written many books in Marathi particularly on the subject of computers which are still read by a wide section of Marathi knowing people.
After his first heart attack in 1999, he started a serious study on the subject of Chelation(pronounced as key-LAY-shun) therapy (CT). He suffered another attack in 2006 which was severe. His doctors advised him to go for bypass surgery. He rather chose CT of which he had acquired sufficient knowledge in the interim period between the two heart attacks. A keen learner, he learnt EDTA chelation therapy by himself because those who knew it would not divulge the procedures. He is today recognized as one of the leading proponents in the world of chelation therapy.
EDTA chelation is a therapy by which repeated infusions of a weak synthetic amino acid- ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid (ETDA) slowly reduce atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system by dissolving them away. Chelation means “to grab” or “to bind” the toxins like lead, mercury, copper, iron, aluminum etc., and drive them away. Many cardiologists and cardiac surgeons dismiss this therapy as a fraud and highly dangerous. They assert that claims made by the proponents of CT are unproven and the theories are unsound.  However, in the USA where it has now become quite popular after many years of anti-propaganda and law suits, CT is recognized by law and practice as one of the alternate therapies available especially for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

According to the author, the world has mostly overcome infectious diseases but we are struggling to handle degenerative diseases. Surgical intervention even if it helps is short-lived and it generates many complications and side effects. CT is a safe and affordable alternative.

The author has painstakingly collected all the evidence in the form of Court judgments to allay the fears of the readers who get biased by the advice of their doctors and has presented them in a lucid manner. The book is an eye-opener for those who are seeking a less painful and cheaper method of reversing heart diseases as well as other degenerative diseases. It is a pity that in a large country like ours with a senior citizen population of nearly 100 million and about 80 percent of them living in rural areas and for whom expensive medication is prohibitive, CT has not caught on.

The author refers to Dr James Roberts, an eminent American cardiologist who started practicing CT and was ostracized by the medical community. They nicknamed him “dirty doctor”. He persisted with CT and now he is a stronger and smarter doctor.

The book has six chapters. The author starts with explaining what CT is all about, its safety and effectiveness and importantly how it helps in reversing degenerative diseases of the aged. Of particular interest is “My Advice” of the author. After the age of 50, he says, degenerative diseases start setting in and the symptoms are obvious. The therapy is tailor made to suit the particular individual combined with oxygenation/ozone therapy and that the full success rate is 80%. It removes metallic poisonous substances and excess cellular calcium from the body and reduces free radical activity. Even if it does not cure the disease in some cases, it brings lot of relief. One can also look at CT as preventive proaction rather than cure reaction to increase active longevity. CT supplemented with ozone therapy can result in multiple health benefits for the patient. CT has been effective for old age diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons says the author besides a number of other diseases which CT helps in curing.

The author is an active practitioner and has trained many cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. He also conducts seminars and training programmes to spread the therapy for reaching a larger number of people. He is a crusader in a hostile environment. But by his knowledge, passion and perseverance he has been able to position CT as an affordable medical remedy for overcoming degenerative diseases and enhancing the quality of life for the older sections of society.The book is an excellent introduction to CT and presents the views of the opponents as well as those who recommend it in a fair and impartial manner.Mr Gokhale’s talk on this subject can be viewed on YouTube.

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