Friday, March 05, 2010


after a gap of many years,i played holi this year with my daughter and grandchildren. we were invited to my daughter's sister-in-law's home for a holi bash. it was colours all the way. from the time we stepped into the heritage house till the time we reluctantly left, either we were smearing one other with colour or throwing pichkaris and buckets of coloured water.

there were children,youngsters and adults as well. the grown-ups and grandparents who brought their own supplies of paint and colours started pelting one and all with it. some were known persons and some strangers. yet all got together in this great bonhomie. that is the beauty of our country and culture.

our hosts were careful in the selection of colours and paints and had kept many buckets of water and pumps ready for the fun and frolic.the colours were all organic. some threw coloured water right on the face and some like l's b-i-l shot me with a water spray from his pump. he even had his own supply of water on his back and looked llike a scuba diver. the teenagers were all excited though my grandaughters r1 and r2 were a bit subdued understandably as this was their first holi experience.

the eats were terrific. punjabi samosas, jalebi,fafdas and green chillies. and plenty of beer.i had had lots of fun when i was young playing holi. this was like reliving those days. sadly the bhaang was missing. it would have been an unforgettable and inebriating experience had the element of bhaang been there..

m and n! are you listening?


Haddock said...

Good to see that riot of colours.

gs said...

thanks haddock. wish we had had more fun.