Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mallipoo(jasmine flower)

me and my wife are extremely fond of mallipoo.in her case it is but natural.as she hails from the citadel of this absolutely enchanting flower-madurai.the fragrant smell is so unique that it leaves a deep impression in your mind.i crave for these mallipoos-white in colour and full of aroma to adorn my gods-photos and images for my puja. and to give it to my better half which immediately soars her spirits.

i was saddened to read an article recently in the 'outlook' magazine that thanks to the younger generation of south indian girls who have discarded the traditional dresses and have become hep in their attire and hairstyles that mallipoo is no more a 'hot cake' it used to be. in fact it has become 'infra dig' for them to wear mallipoo on their tresses.i never imagined that this famed flower will have such a dramatic fall in the eyes of the youngsters of today.

with an annual production of more than 70,000 tonnes the lower demand has made the producers look for alternate markets.besides exports of the flower to the middle east having a large south indian diaspora large quatities are being diverted to the perfumery industry.

i get my requirements from matunga.priced by the mozham(about 9 inches in length), about three mozhams can make your purse lighter by about rs 20 on a normal day.if it is special pooja day or a festive occasion or if the madurai malli special train has not arrived, then the prices skyrocket.some compare its price volatality to the fluctuation in prices of shares in the stock market.

mallipoo is also an accepted aphrodisiac. one of the reasons why many women adorn their tresses with malli is that it attracts the opposite sex(married women do for their husbands only) and always the bed on a wedding night is adorned with mallipoo.

we had a pet dog named mallipoo. my wife is fond of oxymorons. our dog was jet black and had the peculiar cocker spaniel smell. she couldn't think of a more appropriate name for her pet.and till i married off my daughter i never knew that men could be allergic to flowers and to mallipoo. flowers are taboo in my daughter l's house. so we make do with artificial flowers and garlands when the occasion demands.and that is no substitute.


lulu said...

i have to say that when i read this post, i too felt a bit sad that we've forgotten so many great traditions thanks to westernisation.
i still remember the heady fragrance of fresh mallipoo in bhoomamma's house in madurai especially in the early evening. funnily, i was in new york city at a body shop and when i smelt a jasmine scent i was immediately transported right back to madurai! amazing how the mind works..

Hema said...

I was reading this particular post again and again mama coz i luvvvvvvvvvvvvv mallipoo!!!!I really miss mallipoo now in Chicago.To be specific i like jathi malli lot(it has a pink shade)wow wat a fragrance.Nowadays younger generation lag in lot of things they should know to lead both traditional as well as westernised life which they are not doing.

gs said...

hi lulu
in your case it is sad that h is allergic to flowers.so,everytime you feel like taking a deep breath of the mpoo fragrance just drop by or drop in at gc's house.you will be fully satiated.

gs said...

hi hema
i fully empathise with you.fashion is cyclic.i am sure young girls will soon start adorning their tresses with mallipoo.long live malli!