Sunday, June 28, 2009

birthday night at the ' the intercontinental'

our daughter l decided to give me a treat on my sixtyfifth birthday. as my better-half and my s-i-l were travelling, it was just the two of us. we had to pick a place where we could go without much hassle and just chill out. we looked at several options. and then zeroed in on 'the intercontinental' at marine drive which is at walking distance from our home.

'the dome' at the intercontinental is a very interesting restaurant located on the eighth floor of the hotel and on the rooftop. one gets a kaleidoscopic view of the arabian sea and the marine drive promenade with a breathtaking look at the glittering 'queen's necklace'. with a stunning view that it has to offer and the comfortable lounging swish white sofas,you can have a very relaxing evening with your friend and choose from a varied selection of drinks and cigar.there is a private glass enclosed bar as well in the centre of the restaurant. a white tent was already provided in anticipation of the monoon.i ordered a mojita with plenty of ice which was excellent and very satisfying. it is a great place to unwind.we chatted for a while and i caught up on a lot of things that i had missed out.both of us travel a lot on work.we found the drinks a bit overpriced though; but then one rationalises it by saying to oneself that you are also paying for the ambience and the style statement.

when we dine at the 'intercontinental', we prefer to go to the 'dome' first for a drink and later descend to the 'kabab corner' on the first floor for a north indian meal. the sardarji steward is a friendly guy who makes our stay as pleasant as possible with his quick and witty service and wonderful manners. the 'kabab corner' is spacious,guest-friendly and the waiters dressed in black coats bend over backwards attending to every request that you make.the kebabs are to die for,even the vegetarian stuff.they just melt in your mouth.after all isn't it the top kebab place in town? we ordered a variety of indian bread,dal makhani and some baingan curry. the kebabs,the ambience and the service compensated to a large extent for the lack of real flavour in the food.

when the cheque arrived,i offered to pay up. l would have nothing of it and she graciously signed the cheque with heavy tips to the was a wonderful treat from a loving daughter to a doting father.


K said...

Belated Birthday Wishes and have a great year

gs said...

hello k
many many thanks for your good wishes.want to hang my boots but my bosses would have nothing of it.hopefully,i will be a free man next year.

mannab said...

Please accept my belated birthday wishes. I was just going thru' your posts and rejoiced to know that you are in sixties going on sevetees with the same vigour!
Mangesh Nabar

gs said...

hello mannab
actually i am in midsixty. seventy is till far trick to remain vigorous is to keep an open mind.i believe it helps.
thanks for your best wishes and may lord vittala grant you long life and happiness.

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

...belated birthday wishes!

My FIL turned 70 this year and has continued to work; Dad is 75 and still working in the family business so I think age is just a number! As long as they want to contribute to the working world then they should and I cannot think of what they would do if they were made to stay home, considering they have so much to offer in terms of knowledge and expertise.

I hope the lord will be gracious and continue to bless you with a loving family and allow you "work" until your heart desires!

gs said...

hello avv
thank you so much for your fine words and warm feelings which have touched me to the core. i do want to carry on with all my pursuits. i fully agree with you when you say age is only a number.kudos to your dad and fil for continuing with their various sure they must be drawing inspiration from your love and affection.i have lost your email id.can you mail it to many thanks and look forward to your india visit.