Saturday, April 04, 2009

on a mission

when i first heard that a ceo from the corporate world had taken a sabbatical to fight the elections,i was quite sceptical of her chances of winning.i though that the odds would be heavily stacked against her.but when i attended a core group meeting last evening,i realised that she really has a chance and that all of us who love mumbai should solidly rally behind her.i certainly will do my best to see that she wins the elections from south mumbai.the late jai prakash narayan has left behind a deep impact on her. she is not aligned to any party(though lok satta is supporting her candidature). she is a clearheaded,articulate and charming person, passionately committed to the improvement of mumbai. what more can we ask for? she is meera sanyal.get more information on meera sanyal from her website

the trigger was 26/11. when that happened,it really gave momentum to her thoughts on improving mumbai city where she has lived for a major part of her life.she decided to fight in the national elections as an independent candidate.she has her own blogsite and is connected to thousands through facebook.her major priorites are a) right and better infrastructure for mumbai,b) improved public transport,c) better security(nothing concrete has been done after 26/11 and we are still unprepared for a similar attack says meera),d) affordable housing for the poor and systemic reforms through the nagar raj bill.

we need a change in our political system. you have to get into it to fight it and cleanse it.for that you need brains,energy,passion,charisma and committment.she has it all.she can win.and she must. to save mumbai and set the trend for the younger generation to devote themselves to the cause of our nation.the youth did it when gandhiji called the people to join him if they wanted independence from british meera sanyal is calling you to vote for her for a better future for all of us.she deserves our full support.for more info on meera please log on to


Sandhya Vijay said...
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Sandhya Vijay said...

Kudos and good luck to Meera. Thanks for posting this. I think she meant her inspiration was Loksatta's Founder & Chief, Jayaprakash Narayan, not the late JPN. I absolutely adore the man. He's brought some level of dignity to politics, especially in A.P.

mannab said...

I would like to know more about Meera since she is the candidate from my area. What are plans, if she is elected? We have seen what these so called Marathi lovers have done. Your post is worth. Thanks.
Mangesh Nabar

gs said...

hello sandhya
yes, meera did mean loksatta's founder jaiprakash narayan. thanks for the correction.

gs said...

hello mannab
please go back to my the last line i have given meera's website.please visit the gives you her agenda.

mannab said...

Dear gs,
I have already seen her agenda. No doubt she desrves to stand in the election of todays era which indicates no connection with principle or reality. Today, money, goondaism, caste & religion are acting with a great impact in elections.Meera's voice may get unheard to the common man, who only nods before the political lords.What do you say?

introspection said...

hats off to Meera and god bless her.
i am over from David's blog.

gs said...

hello mannab
she is going to make an impact.she is squeaky clean.the common man is not a fool.though many get carried away by the parties,they have started to discriminate.and blindly do not listen to party dictums.
one of meera's potential opponents has dropped himself from the race.he is a goon and that is encouraging news.

gs said...

hi introspection
thanks to david and you for your comments.this election is going to be different.people are fed up with our current leaders and are seeking change.lot of young candidates are fighting in the elections.

Haddock said...

We need more people like her.

gs said...

hello haddock
what you say is very true.sadly,she lost the elections by a big margin.i do hope she does not give up.