Wednesday, September 03, 2008

narielpaani(coconut water)-the miracle drink

it is a fantastic drink. absolutely safe. no chances of any contamination. no chemicals. nothing spurious about it. and the latest research reveals that it helps patients recover from chikungunya, typhoid, cholera, jaundice etc. called elaneer in tamil nadu, daab in bengal and narielpaani in maharashtra, this super-heatlhy drink has everything going for it. i am not saying this. it is the world health organisation (WHO) which strongly recommends this drink.

it is a diurectic. it has pottasium and small amounts of sulphur,phosphorous and copper. it has vitamin C. besides, it is a beauty aid as well. it is excellent for hydrating the skin. deepika padukone swears by it. and so do yana gupta, kareena kapoor and ameesha patel who are all narielpaani buffs.

it is a great detox. it has negligible fat and calories.

make it a part of your daily routine. it will work wonders on you. a common sight in front of our hospitals is the humble narielwala. my narielwala,rajesh from kerala (actually rajen but made to rajesh by the mumbaikars) knocks on my door every morning with a broad smile on his face and a nariel in his hands- full of the miracle drink. god bless him. i know that my day has been made.


A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Negligible fats...ummm what about the malai you consume after the pani is over?

As a child we had three mature palms in our garden, one of which was brought all the way from Malaysia in the early 30's. This particular palm yielded coconuts the size of a large bowling ball and each nut had about 4 tumblers worth of the sweetest pani I've ever had.

Every 2-3 months the narialwallah came by to fell each palm and climbed up the very vertical palm with such dexterity it was amazing seeing him zip up and then pulley down the nuts. I often had the job of counting the nuts and then pick up a couple dozen for our personal consumption and the rest were sold for about 6-8 rupees per nut. However I am partial to "Ganne ka rus"!

Lulu said...

nice post, dad! reminds me that i should sign up with the local narielpaniwala on carmichael road and include coconut water in my daily diet.

gs said...

hi avv,
many thanks for sharing your childhood memories with us.your comments were very interesting.myself and my daughter used to regularly pickup drumsticks from our garden tree at bangalore.that may be a subject for another blog posting.
i do not take the malai.i ask for malailess nariel.if at all there is any left,our dogs are the richer and fatter:(

gs said...

hi lulu
i hope you have already done saves a lot of bother.and it is incredible.the good that follows.