Friday, September 14, 2007

i love sprouts

they have long been famous for being a superb source of research has established that they have curative abilities in them.they contain highly active antioxidants that do not allow the DNA to get destroyed and also protect us from the effects of ageing.sprouts like alfalfa,broccoli,radish and clover contain plant compounds which protect us against disease.

sprouting dates back to 3000BC in China.the Hunzas of the Himalayas known for their very long lifespans and freedom from disease have sprouted seeds as one of the essential ingredients in their diet.

they prevent bone breakdown by increasing bone formation.they have demonstrated benefit for pancreatic and colon cancers.they lower blood cholsesterol and fat.they help in cardiovascular diseases and also stimulate the immune system.

the seed by itself is a storehouse of food energy. when soaked in water,a whole range of enzymatic action unfolds.the stable nutrients are transformed into life components. they are now young new plants.and you can find them in all shapes and colours.they taste good and provide a good amount of energy.a welcome "health food", i buy them off the shelf from our club stores. or from 'godrej natures basket'. you can sprout them too at home. all you need is a utensil,some fresh water,a few seeds and some warm place. voila! in three to four days' time you get a delicious forest of nutritional power.

in addition to proteins,they have vitamins too.after sprouting,the vitamin content goes up by about four times.and you also get minerals,calcium,fibre,zinc and and iron which are latent in the seed.and when kept in indirect sunlight,sprouts produce can eat them in inumerable soup bases,as salads or just plain raw.just eat them it will do wonders to your health.


Lotus Reads said...

I adore sprouts too, gs! I make a half decent sprouted moong salad, which my family love!

BTW, I can see where Lulu gets her love for cooking from! :)

gs said...

actually sprouted moong is very popular here too. a good way to begin a day.l got her love for cooking from my mom.

dfh said...