Saturday, November 18, 2006

can you bank on them?

our bank staff are a privileged lot.they earn fat salaries.and numerous perks. we don't grudge it.but when it comes to work they shirk.they are absolutely unconcerned of the difficulties that their customers would have to face when they strike work or take too many continuous holidays; official and personal.the personal preceding the official holidays and the strike following the official is a long continnum.nobody cares that they have not participated in the rally.neither they nor their unions who give such irrresponsible october the public sector banking staff enjoyed 13 holidays in all,the maximum being the continuous holidays during diwali.

oct1 mahanavami,oct2 gandhi jayanti as well as dussera,oct6 lakshmi puja,oct7 valmiki jayanti,oct8 sunday,oct15 sunday,oct20 naraka chathurthi,oct21 deepavali,oct22 sunday,oct24 bhai bij,oct25 ramzan,oct27 all india strike,oct29 sunday.

the unions are against mergers,privatisation,manpower rationalisation and introduction of modern technology which will reduce costs and make the banks more efficient.they are not customer or service oriented.they want more salaries and perks.last year the government was pressurised by these same tactics to agree for pension for a large number of state bank of india employees.thus putting the extra financial burden on the exchequer.where will all this money come from? obviously you and me.

even though there is now competition from foreign banks and independent domestic banks the public sector bank employees are just not bothered.

at the same time the private banks have also not shown the zeal to reduce service charges and be more customer focussed.they are constantly looking at their bottomlines.they are quite impersonal while dealing with their accountholders.

perhaps this is a manifestation of the culture all round the world.banks and insurance companies do not seem to have a friendly face.banks are fair weather friends.when you or your company is in trouble your bank will not come to your rescue. and when you have taken out a medical claims policy and need your medical expenses to be reimbursed by the insurance company you will find them giving you 100 reasons why the money cannot be paid.

as you grow older you need a friendly bank and a friendly insurance companies try to remain away from the older people as they do not want to take a hit so soon.if you have not been wise to take insurance policies when you were young and started earning,you are likely to get no help at all in the form of insurance cover when you are 50+.the moral of the story is that you should choose your bank judiciously and take the right insurance policies at the right time.that is possibly the best that you could do.

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