Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Break-Up or Breakdown?

i had read reviews about this movie. they ranged from good to bad to indifferent.it was therefore a tough decision to take. i went by my gut feeling and i wasn't disappointed. the movie is directed by peyton reed.

the best part of the movie is the opening credits still sequence. the couple kiss and cuddle and they are inseparable.that was during the romancing and wooing period.they get married and then the incompatibility comes out.the chasm between them widens every passing day.

brooke meyers(jennifer aniston) works for an art dealer. and he gary grobowski(vince vaughn) along with his brothers runs a tour guide business. he is the star attraction with his good looks,gift of the gab and a high sense of humour. brooke invites her family home for dinner and sweats throughout the day to make it a great success. she had asked gary to get twelve lemons and he had bought only three. she asks him to go and get the remaining.he is he says too tired after a hard day's work and puts his feet up in front of the tv and is engrossed in watching the sports channel. there are many such incidents which show that they are not really made for each other.

they share a duplex condo in chicago and live a great lifestyle.but then they are drifting away as they keep on disagreeing on so many issues.brooke feels that gary is insensitive and has no empathy with what she does.he doesn't have a good word for her.she is at her histrionic best when she breaks down towards the end when gary refuses to turn up for a music concert for which he bought the tickets.

he feels that she is too nagging and says so and that he would be happier if left alone. he also is clever enough to know where he is wrong but too proud to accept it and he tries to bury the problems under the carpet.the on-screen chemistry between vince and jennifer is brilliant. after several fights finally they decide to part ways. they put their condo apartment on the block. meanwhile her family and his brothers and friends try and suggest many remedies and tactics to sort out the issues.but instead of solving the problem they boomerang. such as when brooke's date (planned to make gary jealous) ends up joining gary to play a computer game and they become buddies.

she goes on a holiday to italy and he goes his own way. by accident they meet again on a chicago street and the old flame of love does not seem to have been totally extinguished. they exchange pleasantries and inquire about each other. it is obvious that they love each other deep down. but are they ultimately compatible? it is left to the viewer to draw his/her own conclusions.

a romantic comedy bringing out a realistic relationship problem. sharp dialogue and sharper observations makes it enjoyable to watch. there are moments when you burst out laughing. more smiles and less tears.