Sunday, February 13, 2005

black is blackest

we watched 'black' very was awesome.superb acting by rani mukherjee and amitabh bacchan.fantastic cinematography.coincidentally there are three movies having black in their name showing in,black friday and blackmail.ofcourse 'black' is the i decided to refer to it as the blackest.
perhaps this is the best movie rani and amitabh have ever done.sanjay leela bhansali deserves 10/10.i am sure it will get an oscar nomination.
black is beautiful,black is dignity,people look smart when they wear black suits,you wear a black robe when you graduate and in the old days cricket umpires used to wear black coats.when henry ford decided to make a car within the reach of every american,he wanted the colour of the car to be lost its preeminent position to other colours over time but seems to be back in sees more and more black car on the roads these days.
kale hain to kya,hum dilwale hain!.


Amma said...

Ya, blackest because there is no display of real knowledge about Alzheimer's afflicted people. Such misleading picture of Alzheimer's can be very damaging. It is okay for romanticising a visually challenged girl's psyching herself with the power to bring him back to the world or even make him connect with world all over again -- something that can never happen with Alz people.
Also the violent treatment of that brilliant child actor by Amitabh sets a wrong precedent to beat up so severely a child. I shudder to imagine comments in Indian homes who have no sensitivity to such behaviour:" Arre, beat her up till she succumbs like how Amitabhji beats up that girl in Black. These children need such slashings."
It is no doubt blackest, Gopal,

gs said...

yes,i agree.sanjay bhansali has made 2 major mistakes.number 1,he should have done some thorough research on alz patients before trying to depict one on the screen.number 2,beating up of the child was very insensitive.i wonder whether that is the only treatment available to teach the child to be independent.having said that,one must give him credit for bringing such a difficult theme on the screen.

dfh said...

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